A simple Photo-Booth with Processing

This is a Photo-Booth project I did initially for my wedding in 2014. It was a great success, attracting a lot of guests to take a shot either individually or in groups. I’ll share the code and the technical setup here.

The camera waits for user input (pressing any key on the keyboard in front of the screen), and then takes four shots with a couple of seconds of interval. The images are organised in a single combo image and printed automatically.

I used a DSLR camera (Canon 50D) to take the images. The camera was connected to a Macbook Pro laptop with a USB cable, and the GPhoto software was used for taking the shot and fetching the image file from the camera.

I used a separate flash and white umbrella for even illumination. The camera was set at manual focus and manual exposure.

The programming was made as a fairly simple Processing sketch. The easiest way to print the combo images is to save them in a folder with a folder action that automatically prints any file that’s added to the folder.

In addition to this sketch and the computer you’ll need:
– a camera that works with Gphoto (at least all Canon and Nikon DSLRs work)
– Gphoto software to be installed to the computer
– a tripod for the camera
– an external flash connected to the camera (or the camera’s internal flash)
– a monitor (preferably 24″ or bigger) to show the instructions to the users
– the textboards with instructions (see the ones we used)
– a color (inkjet) printer with photo paper (4″ X 6″, or 10cm x 15cm is a good size)
– a folder action that prints any photo that’s added to the print folder (This can be created with Automator in Mac. For Windows you’ll need some other solution.)

The source code of the photo-booth can be copied from this page.


Reading instructions.



Just one example of the shots taken!

The textboards used in the photobooth:

Textboard 1

Textbord 2

Textboard 3

Textboard 4