‘VR in Art’ Workshop

The objective of the ‘VR in Art’ workshop which I organised together with Jukka Hautamäki as part of the Media Art Group Kruks program in August-September 2018 was to create new approaches to virtual reality for media artists.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the “return” or new wave of virtual reality, but it has not realized so far as a corresponding  enthusiasm among media artists. The development of VR takes place largely by the IT giants and through proprietary software, leaving little room for independent publishing and critical or marginal viewpoints. The workshop aims to question this and create room for artistic contents and more varied approaches.

The 5-day workshop was held in Sysmä, a municipality about 200 km north of Helsinki, in rural settings that created an inspiring contrast and backdrop to the topics that we dealt with.

The results of the workshop were on display in two demo events, at the municipal library of Sysmä on 2nd September, and at Gallery Maa-Tila in Helsinki on 5th September.

The participating artists were Tuomo Rainio, Satu-Minna Suorajärvi, Jukka Ylitalo, Kari Yli-Annala, Tuomo Tammenpää, and Tomi Dufva.

More information and results in the workshop’s blog (in Finnish) at http://vrtaiteessa.art-tech.fi.

Working with HTC Vive in a century-old countryside house.

Composing webVR presentations with the vizor.io platform.

Demo event in Sysmä municipal library.

Demo event in Sysmä municipal library.

Demo event in Sysmä municipal library

Demo event in Gallery Maa-Tila in Helsinki.