What Color is Finland?

What Color is Finland? is my on-going data visualisation project based on publicly available images from about 300 road weather cameras run by the Finnish Transport agency (Liikennevirasto).

A color map of Finland is generated in real time and updated every 10 minutes. It is composed of tiny color samples copied from predefined points in the road webcam images. The color samples are located approximately in the same locations on the map as where the webcam is. A video file portrays the development of colors in the last 24 hours.

As the visual data originates from road webcams, the map portrays the colors as seen by a typical passenger in a car, with emphasis on roadside vegetation, forests, fields, and other typical elements of the landscape (however not buildings, the road itself, or the sky).

Take note how the colors evolve with the changing light, especially at sunrise and sunset – and with longer periods of time, as the seasons change.

The video below shows the recent development of colors in real time. (In case the video doesn’t display correctly you can right-click on the link below to download it.)

Right-click or ctrl-click this link to download


A visualization of the colors in HSB color space, side view:

The same visualization, top view: